My name is Timothy, and I'll be your host...

We have a few starters today, which I think you'll be interested in.  You can click on the shows page for info on several of the short musicals I've written like 2 to Wakefield, Crossing Over or A Relative Relationship.

Also, our main course consists of media downloads, and vintage data from And the Earth Moved, LINES and The View From Here, and if you've got the stomach for it, some stuff from my former life as an actor. 

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And finally, for dessert, we have... okay, well we just have Green Tea ice cream.  And it's a few days old.  But that's probably not your scene anyway.  There's lots o' cool stuff here at THDN, like bios and press and even a handy guestbook and we update [semi] regularly, so don't forget to come back. 



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