Missing Karma is a fifteen minute musical, written as part of Prospect Theatre's 2012 Musical Theater Writer's Lab.

The theme of the 2012 workshop was Rites of Passage.  Each writing team drew from a lot of six scenaria depicting a rite of passage.  e.g., Graduation, Ordination, Birthday etc.  The inspiration behind Karma was Funeral.

Ted and Honey return to their favorite park at sundown to bury their dearly departed dog, Karma.  As the sun sets, and the darkness encroaches, they find they have conflicting ideas on which path leads them home.  What starts out as a simple difference of opinion escalates, and before long, the two lovers find themselves on opposite poles of a very important issue.  

In addition to being an homage to all things canine, Missing Karma is a meditation on couplehood and marriage, and the fundamental human need to progress.



Karma Was

Katy Holkamp as Honey, TH as Ted

Left Right Yes No

Katy Holkamp as Honey, TH as Ted

Some New Road

Katy Holkamp as Honey, TH as Ted





Missing Karma was subsequently a selection for the National Asian Artists Project's Discover: New Musicals series in 2014.