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A nameless novelist arrives in New York intent on getting his first book published.  As he recounts his daily misadventures in a series of letters to his girl back home, we see through his eyes the colorful eccentric, vibrant and wildly bizarre characters that make up his new life, and the tragic events that make up his old one.

"...this one-man musical plays like a fresh variation on 'Wonderful Town' propelled by stunning music and a tremendously appealing solo performance by Shonn Wiley.  Timothy Huang's score boasts masterful plot- and character-driven songs and comedic set pieces... Some have a contemporary throb, but others have a haunting melodic quality that seems torn from the annals of the Great American Songbook, populated by such folks as George Gershwin and Harold Arlen..." - Ron Cohen, Backstage

"...songs like the wistfully romantic 'A Little Part of Every Day', the energetic and driving 'Five Days' and 'Unstoppable' and the exhaustedly resigned 'How Do People Do This Every Day' superbly define his ever-evolving character...a familiar depiction of New York and a singular realization of this man's experiences there... often so effortlessly moving and openhanded that you feel as if you're being granted a forbidden peek into this man's psyche..." Matthew Murray,

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