the view from here

From NYMF '04 Audience-Award-Winning Writer Timothy Huang comes a new one-act musical featuring an award winning performance by Shonn Wiley!

A nameless novelist arrives in New York intent on getting his first book published.  As he recounts his daily misadventures in a series of letters to his girl back home, we see through his eyes the colorful eccentric, vibrant and wildly bizarre characters that make up his new life, and the tragic events that make up his old one.

In a musical that is at once funny, and poignant, exhilarating and tragic, The View From Here received its World Premiere at the 2nd Annual New York Musical Theatre Festival in September of 2005.

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The View From Here had four performances in the final week of the festival (Tuesday, Sept 27 - 8:00pm, Thursday, Sept 29 - 4:30pm, Friday, Sept 30 - 11:00pm, and Sunday, Oct 2 - 1:00pm) at the 45th Street Theatre, 354 West 45th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues.